Mar 30

Global Raw, is back!

San Francisco

Thank you for your continued support and patience during my absence. After having a baby and maneuvering two moves (for a household of five), I decided to take a much needed break to focus on and support my family.



During the time off, something wonderful happened, opportunities unfolded allowing us to move to the bay area. Portland will forever be in our hearts, we have so enjoyed all the wonderful people that we’ve met over the years, at the same time we very excited and looking forward to our future. Being in such a huge agricultural area will provide us with some of the most fantastic produce! With all the warm weather and endless access to local ingredients, I find myself inspired!





Tomatoes in basket

At this time, Global Raw will be putting our food line on hold while we focus on other areas. Contact us direct with questions or special requests you may have. 

I look forward to sharing new recipes (raw and cooked)  for the busy person and families! In addition we will be developing our “raising raw kids & babies” section on



raw food baby

Aug 30

Raw & Living Spirit Retreat 2012

Friday August 31st, we will not be at the farmers market as we will be a part of this years R&LSR.








Raw & Living Spirit Retreat 

Great people, wonderful food prepared from raw food chefs from across the country. 

For one of the dinners, I will be making a mushroom quiche, accompanied by a fresh green salad.  

This site is one of the most gorgeous settings!

Aug 17

Come Brave the Heat with us today at Farmers Market

Tualatin Farmers Market 4-8PM at Tualatin Commons 8/17

Come join us for all the fun on this festive Friday. Great food, people and free concert on the water at 6:30pm.  







We will be debuting our newest member of the family, “Garlic’s Kiss” Kale Chips!

See you there :)

Jul 26

We will be at the Farmers Market Fridays from 4-8PM

 Thank you for your patronage and we look forward in seeing you!

Jul 26

Avocado & Sprout Summer Salad

Some times the best dishes are the simplest.

I love this one, as it showcases seasonal ingredients like avocado and cherry tomatoes right from the vine.

Paired with my favorite sprouts and seeds, this little salad is loaded with flavor!

Since I am not a huge breakfast person or into sweets, especially early in the morning this is one of my preferred breakfasts

Just add..

a handful of pea sprouts

a handful of mug beans

a handful of sprouted sunflower seeds.

Feel free to garnish with your favorite dressing and  extra veggies!

Ranch Dressing

1 3/4 c raw organic cashews

1 1/4  C filtered water

2 T Apple Cider Vinegar

2 T Lemon Juice

1/2 t pink Himalayan salt

Fresh ground pepper (10 turns)

Soak cashews in filtered water for 1 hour, then place in a high speed blender with all the above.

Blend until mixture is a creamy consistency.

Will keep in the fridge for 1 week.

Variations: you can also add

1 t of white miso

1/4 C yellow onion

*If you do not have a high speed blender you can add 1/4 c additional water to mixture in your food processor.

Jul 17

NEW NW Pumpkin & Dark Cherry Bar

Introducing the newest member of the Global Raw family


I wanted to create a product that was tree nut free and loaded with flavor also showcasing local ingredients. These pumpkin seeds are like nothing I’ve ever tasted they are grown locally and dried under 105 degrees. Fresh and a full bodied flavor finished with dark cherries. Loaded with only the highest quality products.

Products are offered at under the “shop” tab, the Tualatin Farmers Market and at Health Nutz in the Washington Square Mall! 

As always we love to meet our customers and will be in town at the Tualatin FM, Friday 4-8PM.  

Have a wonderful day, we appreciate you allowing us to share our newest product with you!

Jul 08

Farmers Markets

We are excited to announce that we will be a part of Tualatin Farmers Market! This has been a long time coming and we are so looking forward to be out in the community, sharing some delicious raw foods with you. If you are in the area, we’d love to meet you.

Tualatin Farmers Market


Friday’s 4-8

See you there! 


May 12

Raw Vegan & Gluten Free Veggie Scramble

Happy Mothers Day weekend! Start your day and spoil Mom with this great protein packed scramble. I love this recipe as it’s quick and easy to make. You can also switch it up by pairing it with different veggies or adding warm spices. 

Veggie & Hemp Scramble

5 to 6 servings

Scramble Ingredients

2 cups of raw organic almonds

1 cup of raw organic sunflower seeds

1 t yellow miso

1/2 t pink Himalayan salt

1 1/2 turmeric

1 1/4 c of filtered water


1/2 cup red or orange bell peppers

1 green onion

1/2 avocado

handful of sprouts

handful of hemp seeds

fresh ground pepper to taste

Step 1

Take almonds and sunflower seeds and place in food processor and grind into a powder.

Step 2

Add salt and turmeric and pulse to blend well.

Step 3

Add miso and water blend well. Mixture should be a little chunky and if you prefer more texture to your scramble don’t blend nuts into a powder.

Step 4

Taste before removing from food processor and check the salt levels. If you like spice, this would be the time to add cumin, coriander or dried herbs like dill would add a nice finish.

Step 5

Spoon mixture into a bowl and finish with your favorite toppings!

I love to start the day with this dish, the nut mixture makes the dish hardy and paired with the fresh veggies you get these amazing pops of flavor. Not to mention the energy and as a Mom of three, I’ll take all the energy I can get! 

Keep in the fridge with out produce added and it will last up to five days. If you know you will not finish or would like to mix it up add a little shallot and spread onto a dehydrator sheet to make a flat bread.

I topped mine with hemp and sesame seeds, YUM.

Jan 01

Wishing you all a prosperous 2012 & above all good health!

I wanted to update my readers and let you know I have not forgotten about you! We are having a baby, in give or take, two weeks. As a family we decided I needed to take some much needed time off to focus on having a healthy pregnancy. 

I am very much looking forward to sharing with you all tips and tricks on how to have a raw/ vegan pregnancy, care for toddlers, survive holidays with your non vegan family and friends and much more. We are also going to be launching several new and exciting products in 2012 so be sure to check back for availability. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. 

Sep 12

Prashanti Yoga Event: A Day of Equilibrium Sept 23rd, 2011

Prashanti Yoga


This event is being hosted by the wonderful Crystal Kemp.  Global Raw will be providing the raw vegan food options and loves to support our fellow community members. If you are in the Portland or Vancouver area check out the link below for more information.

Crystal Kemp Bio

The word equinox means equal.  “Nox” means night.  It is said that there is an equal amount of daylight and night during this time.

We have chosen to take this day to encourage balance and change within ourselves and welcome the yoga community to our home in Battle Ground, to participate with the same like-mindedness.

There are multiple myths, practices, superstitions, and rituals associated with the equinox, all of which we respect.  It is our desire to unite fellow yogi’s in thanks, food, bodywork, music, balancing asanas, meditation and entertainment.

We invite you to take a moment upon arrival to write down what you’ve been most thankful for this year, and something that you wish to let go of. Note cards and writing utensils will be provided. We will have a pot to hold the notes of thanks, which will be shared anonymously during the meditation. We are also using a fire pit to burn the writings of the things you want to let go of.

Please fill out the online form if you are planning to be in attendance of this unique yoga event. Space is limited to only 40 attendees. We are VERY dog friendly, so please feel free to bring your socialized canine along. It will have a 3/4 acre kennel with a covered dog house to play in with our dogs.

(4:30-5:00) Arrive/check in relax, enjoy the outdoors
(5-5:30) Meet & Greet
(5:30-5:45) Set Up Mats
(5:45-6) Group Guided Meditation
(6-7) Beginning Balancing Sequences
(7-7:45) Snack & Chat
(8-9) Intermediate Balancing Sequences
(9-9:30) Snack, Chat & Dessert
(9:45-?) Poi Fire Dance

Food provided by
Chef Teri Vlaskamp

 For more information and to register for this event please visit:


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